Kh4l3d, 43
London , المملكة المتحدة
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أنا: ذكر
تسعى للحصول على: أنثى
العمر: 43
الدولة: المملكة المتحدة
المدينة: London


بنية الجسم: متوسط
الطول : 156
شعر: أسود
العرق: الآسيوية
لون البشره: اسمر فاتح

نمط الحياة

تدخين: لا
الوضع المعيشي: منفرد
لغات: الإنجليزية

البيت والأسرة

الحالة الإجتماعية: مطلق
لديك أطفال: نعم - ولكن ليس في المنزل
عدد الأطفال: 2
رغبة فى (المزيد) الأطفال: غير متأكد

الحياة المهنية

المؤهل التعليمي: الدراسات العليا
نظام العمل: بدوام كامل
دخل: اقوله لك في وقت لاحق
الوضع المادي: جيد
المهنة: التنفيذي / إدارة
الحالة الصحية: سليم والحمد لله


(الديانة ( الموقع مخصص للمسلمين: الإسلام
الالتزام الديني: متدين
حس ظريف طبيعي : غامض
الاهتمامات: سفر
تحدث عن نفسك: I am British, I am an open minded, down-to-earth, friendly & a honest person. I believe that I have been bought up with a good balance of eastern and western values. I would describe myself as loving, honest, open, feisty, challenging and cheeky but equally I can be calm, relaxed and supportive. I passionately believe that there should be equality in a relationship and to make it work you have to look together in the same direction and want the same things.
In my free time, I enjoy being with friends and family, going out for walks or occasional meals, i also enjoy cooking. I care about personal hygiene and being healthy, I look much younger than my age, the photos are recent! i have travelled for both haj and umrah many times - mashallah, i pray that i can go again inshallah, with you. I am well travelled from europe, africa, middle east and south east asia and have lived in Abu Dhabi.
A bit about my background… I grew up and was educated in the UK. I can converse in Gujarati, Urdu, and a tiny bit in Arabic.  I was born in the north of England and have been living here all my life and also have my immediate family are here too.
I have two daughters, they are both living with my ex wife.
I am looking for that special someone with whom I can build a happy tranquil marriage and a family with Islam as the basis. Who will not only be my wife, but my best friend and soulmate insha’Allah! A wife who will be there for me through good times and hardships in life, likes to have conversations and have a good laugh with me. Someone with whom I can simply feel contentment with and spend the rest of my life with. :)
مواصفات شريك او شريكة حياتك التي ترغب الإرتباط بها : Mature, outgoing, respectful.
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