mele, 46
Istanbul , تركيا
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أنا: أنثى
تسعى للحصول على: ذكر
العمر: 46
الدولة: تركيا
المدينة: Istanbul


بنية الجسم: نحيل
الطول : 130
شعر: أسود
العرق: الآسيوية
لون البشره: أبيض

نمط الحياة

تدخين: لا
الوضع المعيشي: منفرد
لغات: الإنجليزية

البيت والأسرة

الحالة الإجتماعية: مطلق
لديك أطفال: نعم - ولكن ليس في المنزل
عدد الأطفال: 1
رغبة فى (المزيد) الأطفال: نعم

الحياة المهنية

المؤهل التعليمي: الدراسات العليا
نظام العمل: بدوام كامل
دخل: أقل من $24,999
الوضع المادي: متوسط
المهنة: المصرفية / الخدمات المالية / عقارات
الحالة الصحية: سليم والحمد لله


(الديانة ( الموقع مخصص للمسلمين: الإسلام
الالتزام الديني: متدين كثيرا
حس ظريف طبيعي : ودي
الاهتمامات: قراءة
تحدث عن نفسك: In my words; I am a passionate lady looking for a honest man for a relationship that can lead to marriage, true love and soul mate. I am responsible, trustworthy, affectionate and faithful. I am the type that will honestly say to you what I feel and mean what I say. No head games. I am looking for that someone that I can trust to share my deepest and innermost feelings with. I am not looking for a fling. I am passionate about life in general. My passion list would be structured as follows. The man of my life, my family, my work and of courses my hobbies. I am a true romantic. Candles to set the mood, moonlight walks on the beach, fresh cut flowers in the house weekly. If we click and there is a true connection then maybe I can sweep you off your feet. I am a very honest, open, sensual and affectionate woman looking for a man who above all is honest, likes to laugh and joke around and be silly at times, yet knows when to be serious, is direct and straightforward and can talk about most anything with . I want us to be the best of friends, who can’t wait to be with each other. Someone that doesn’t look so much into what they are doing as much as who they are doing it with, with the right person anything can be fun, even doing nothing at all. Someone who likes to cuddle, hold hands when walking, not afraid to show affection in public and is not shy about her sexuality. I know, i know some of you reading this right now are saying “Freya why doesn’t ask for the world while she is at it lol. For those of you thinking that or this seems boring, i am probably not for you. But For those of you that want to read on, i assure you, i am what i am seeking and a whole lot more. I am a very honest upfront person that does not play games and you should be the same. I want a man who can appreciate me and what i have to offer. Looking for someone who is very natural You should be someone that enjoys and loves to spend quality time together and is very affectionate like me. Someone who is funny, has a great sense of humor and who is very devoted and loyal to her man. Someone that loves to cuddle no matter what the weather or time of year. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile and I hope to speak to any who are interested soon. Have a great day and good luck to us all
مواصفات شريك او شريكة حياتك التي ترغب الإرتباط بها : I want a man of respect and harmony who can so much love me the way i do, with life pattern
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