Omah, 32
Birmingham , المملكة المتحدة
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أنا: ذكر
تسعى للحصول على: أنثى
العمر: 32
الدولة: المملكة المتحدة
المدينة: Birmingham


بنية الجسم: متوسط
الطول : 170
شعر: أسود
العرق: الآسيوية
لون البشره: أبيض

نمط الحياة

تدخين: لا
الوضع المعيشي: مع الأهل
لغات: الإنجليزية

البيت والأسرة

الحالة الإجتماعية: واحد / لم أتزوج
لديك أطفال: لا
عدد الأطفال: ليس لدي اطفال
رغبة فى (المزيد) الأطفال: نعم

الحياة المهنية

المؤهل التعليمي: بعض مدرسة ثانوية
نظام العمل: عمل جزئي
دخل: أقل من $24,999
الوضع المادي: متوسط
المهنة: آخر
الحالة الصحية: اعاقة حركية


(الديانة ( الموقع مخصص للمسلمين: الإسلام
الالتزام الديني: متدين كثيرا
حس ظريف طبيعي : ودي
الاهتمامات: سفر
تحدث عن نفسك: I am profoundly deaf and I use British sign language to communicate. I have taught myself how to read and write English, although my spelling isn't the best but hey who's is :)

Nothing in life has stopped me from achieving my goals. I work part time and I love to drive, most importantly I have an adventurous side. I love going on holidays around the world with family and friends; exploring new places. Also I own two cars alhamidullah.

If you smoke or shisha please save unnecessary contact and kindly click the cross.

I love travelling and have gone away some lovely holidays. My travels have taken me to Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Iceland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Thailand.

I do hope to go to Cuba, Mexico, Caribbean, Malaysia and many more countries if Allah wills.

Deen wise I attend friday prayers and pray everyday but I occasionally miss some. I do not have any bad habits and hope to improve and learn more as we all hope to become better muslims,
I just completed umrah six months ago Alhamdulillah and in sha Allah wish to do hajj, maybe after marriage.

Someone who has the same ideas as me, who is willing to learn a bit of BSL, and has an adventurous side too!
Hope to travel with her someday and then settle down. Most importantly I'm looking for someone who isn't materialistic.
مواصفات شريك او شريكة حياتك التي ترغب الإرتباط بها : For the long term i would be grateful if the right partner, ideally a good decent muslim women comes along who i can settle with
God willing
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