Aisha_S, 28
windhoek , ناميبيا
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أنا: أنثى
تسعى للحصول على: ذكر
العمر: 28
الدولة: ناميبيا
المدينة: windhoek


بنية الجسم: متوسط
الطول : 154
شعر: أسود
العرق: آخر
لون البشره: اسمر فاتح

نمط الحياة

تدخين: لا
الوضع المعيشي: مع الأهل
لغات: الإنجليزية

البيت والأسرة

الحالة الإجتماعية: واحد / لم أتزوج
لديك أطفال: لا
عدد الأطفال: ليس لدي اطفال
رغبة فى (المزيد) الأطفال: نعم

الحياة المهنية

المؤهل التعليمي: الدراسات العليا
نظام العمل: طالب
دخل: اقوله لك في وقت لاحق
الوضع المادي: ميسور
المهنة: آخر
الحالة الصحية: سليم والحمد لله


(الديانة ( الموقع مخصص للمسلمين: الإسلام
الالتزام الديني: متدين كثيرا
حس ظريف طبيعي : ودي
الاهتمامات: سفر
تحدث عن نفسك: Im an ambitious, shy, down to earth, humble, trustworthy, loyal, loving and caring person. A muslim woman that fears Allah. Family means alot to me and when I say family Im not only talking about blood relation but people that has been there for me, that has been loyal, trustworthy, loving and caring, that's family. Im a fun and funny person to be around or at least that's how people that know me makes me feel :-). I love going out and being in doors, what matters is being with loved ones and spending quality time together and doing what makes us happy. I love traveling and exploring nature. I don't have a high level of confidence plus Im more of a reserved person. Im that girl in a group discussion that will only observe and listen and so be underestimated for that UNTIL I RAISE MY OPION... I get that a lot but it really doesn't bother me, I just believe you shouldn't be too quick to think the worst of people. Im a reserved and laid back person. I sometimes enjoy the silence, it gives me time to think, so don't mind the awkward moments, just see it as my brain having fun :-). I don't have time for people who look down on other people, liars or who treat people unfairly, respect goes a long way for me and means a lot to me. I hate it when people try to go out of their way trying to act up just to impress me, Im a simple girl, what you see is what you get, it makes me happy when people are comfortable with who they are. Im willing to learn new things and accommodate people and how they do things as long as it doesn't go against Islam. I pray everyday and try to become a better muslim everyday, you can never learn enough. If you want to know more or is interest please do feel free to inbox me.
مواصفات شريك او شريكة حياتك التي ترغب الإرتباط بها : Im looking for a muslim man who fears Allah,who remembers Allah in everything he does. He needs to be loving, caring, loyal, trustworthy and humble. Someone who can treat me like a princess and who is willing to grow religiously and professionally. If the shoe fits please don't hesitate to wear it :-), will be waiting...
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