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boston , المملكة المتحدة
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أنا: ذكر
تسعى للحصول على: أنثى
العمر: 38
الدولة: المملكة المتحدة
المدينة: boston


بنية الجسم: ممتليء
الطول : 175
شعر: بني فاتح
العرق: (قوقازي (أبيض
لون البشره: أبيض

نمط الحياة

تدخين: لا
الوضع المعيشي: منفرد
لغات: البرتغالية

البيت والأسرة

الحالة الإجتماعية: واحد / لم أتزوج
لديك أطفال: لا
عدد الأطفال: ليس لدي اطفال
رغبة فى (المزيد) الأطفال: نعم

الحياة المهنية

المؤهل التعليمي: بعض مدرسة ثانوية
نظام العمل: بدوام كامل
دخل: أقل من $24,999
الوضع المادي: متوسط
المهنة: آخر
الحالة الصحية: سليم والحمد لله


(الديانة ( الموقع مخصص للمسلمين: الإسلام
الالتزام الديني: متدين كثيرا
حس ظريف طبيعي : ودي
الاهتمامات: أفلام
تحدث عن نفسك: Thanks a lot for having a look at my profile! The main reason for having my profile here is because, i'am looking for a woman that wants to be in a relationship.

It is not easy to find someone that is in tune with one's feelings, but, life itself isn't that easy either, that is why i want to give it a try and see how things flow.

I'am an happy-go-lucky individual, with a great personality, expressive, bubbly, and gregarious, i love going out with my friends, but, i also like to stay at home and watch a good movie, listening to the lastest albums around and, stay at home.

I also love traveling, meet new people and learn languages, besides, learning a language can certainly help you understand other cultures and people itself.

I'am currently working for a local supermarket as a warehouse worker, taking care of customer orders, it is a job that keeps me going, that provides me with a salary.

I guess that, it is all for the time being, if you believe i have some of the qualities you are looking for in a man, then, do not hesitate in replying, however, if you send a message here, i will not able to see it, so, i suggest you to read my profile attentively.
مواصفات شريك او شريكة حياتك التي ترغب الإرتباط بها : i'am looking for an open-minded, independent, jovial lady whom would like to conquer the good things life has on offer.

I'am not looking for a materialistic lady, someone who is just thinking about making a good buck.

She has to be herself, independent, open-minded, loyal, and someone who has a good sense of humor.

She can be shy, extrovert, introvert, etc, as long as she loves me, that is all that matters.
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